Blurred Geographical Borders Is The New Normal

January 27, 2021
by -

In just a little under one year since COVID-19 turned our lives upside-down, the new normal we are navigating highlights a significant trend that can't be ignored and that is that geographic borders are blurring.Having just finished reading the Gates Notes (Bill Gate's annual letter about his perspective of the world and priorities he's working on) it reminded me of just this. In his address, he talks mostly about global health and pandemic preparation, and that "The artificial borders between rich countries and poor countries collapsed in the face of a virus that had no regard for borders or geography", but this collapsing of borders is happening all around us, in all various contexts of our personal and business lives.On the business front for example, with virtual or zoom meetings replacing in-person meetings, the geographic borders for markets and prospects seem irrelevant. Why would I as a Seattle area (living) marketing consultant focus only on Seattle area prospects when a zoom is equally effective with someone in New York as it is in Seattle? With a 159% increase in remote working during the past year, (reported by most businesses and employees alike are shedding their biases for geographically adjacent resources.Digital networking sites like are providing opportunities for consultants like myself to connect and be legitimately considered with prospective clients across the USA. Two or three years ago I was getting prospective client leads to my LinkedIn profile mostly from the Seattle area companies, but now more than half of my leads come from across the USA. In addition, in the past year, the amount of out-of-country connection requests has more than doubled for me and I would expect in the coming years I'll get increasingly more prospective leads from around the globe.And why not? Companies around the globe are seeing these newly blurred market borders and thinking about growing their business beyond their previous, more regionally narrow market areas. So too will these companies then seek advisors and resources with experience from around the globe? Yes! Indeed, the world is getting smaller, and the geographic limitations we put on our thinking are dissolving and the opportunities are boundless.What artificial border will you see dissolve for your business? Where will your next expansion come from? Will it be geographic growth or new products or both? It all starts with a concept and a strategy based on the science of evolution will bring you increased confidence in knowing the approach is strong and more likely to result in growth. Interested in learning more? Read more adaptive marketing based on the science of evolution here or reach out anytime: