Freedom is Optimal for Conceptual Thinking to Thrive and Empty Space Occupiers to Innovate

October 23, 2021
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Based on the Science of Evolution as discovered by the, complex adaptive systems define every living entity (you, me, your company, the economy, our country etc.) and the same rules apply (based onthe science of evolution) to better manage and influence adaptive environments.

Managing and influencing complex adaptive environments require the knowledge of the concepts that define their makeup and functionality and requires a level of ontointelligence or knowledge of the strategic intelligence, ethical intelligence, emotional intelligence and logical thought, all necessary and optimal within the freedom or opportunity to innovate and grow.

Unicist Reactive Intelligence: active intelligence is driven by the emotional intelligence that defines and controls the purpose of the reactive behavior that it materialized in rational actions driven by the IQ. The entropy inhibitor of reactive intelligence is the capacity to overcome frustration, named “speed of resilience”, that defines the timing of the actions that drive the success of the use of this intelligence.

Unicist Active Intelligence: the active intelligence is managed by the concepts individuals have that drive their actions. It is transformed into functional actions by the necessary functional intelligence while the entropy inhibitor is given by the intra-personal intelligence that allows emulating the external reality in mind.

The reactive intelligence and the active intelligence are integrated by the ontointelligence that defines the roots of intelligent adaptive behaviors. Learn more at:

The conscious intelligence is based on the development of the complemented strategic intelligence and the complemented types of thought that allow adapting to the environment. Therefore, the understanding of ontointelligence is required to define the necessary complementations that need to be developed to make adaptiveness possible.

Ethical Intelligence: defines the true intentions of an individual based on their vision or view of believed future scenario. It is believed by Unicist to evolve with maturity, I would argue that with maturity one’s ethical intelligence becomes more obvious or known.

Strategic Intelligence: establishes the individual’s approach to reality. The strategic intelligence operates as strategic styles. Strategic intelligence defines the natural approach to face conflicts. Therefore, it defines the natural structures to deal with a reality when an adaptation is required. There are four strategic intelligence styles: freedom fighter, flank defendant, frontal style and empty space occupier.

Emotional Intelligence: is the ability toperceive, use, understand, manage, and handle emotions. People with highemotional intelligence can recognize their own emotions and those of others,use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, discern betweendifferent feelings and label them appropriately, and adjust emotions to adaptto environments.

Operational Approach: The depth of thinking and process and the capacity for assuming responsibilities defines an entity’s operational approach as follows:

·      Operational thinking allows an entity to assume responsibility for tasks

·      Analytical thinking allows an entity to assume responsibility for rational decisions

·      Systematic (Scientific) thinking allows an entity to assume the responsibility for managing variables

·      Conceptual Thinking allows an entity to assume the responsibility for generating results

As explained by the "Personal Freedom is needed to Apprehend Concepts"

“To discover a new concept, it is necessary to have the external and inner freedom to "open the mind”. This allows apprehending the concept without “transforming” the concept into a pre-concept. That is why personal freedom is the psychological driver to apprehend concepts. Freedom, by definition, is associated to the assumption of a responsibility.” Source:

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