Intelligence Key to Growth in Adaptive Environments

April 9, 2020
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An entity's ability to innovate and grow is determined by its level of evolutionary intelligence. Having high evolutionary intelligence includes having a high level of moral or altruistic being (ethical intelligence), capacity for empathy (emotional intelligence) for building complementation, as well as conceptual intelligence (for adding value to the environment or relationship) and the ability to adapt and adjust to the environment.

The level of conceptual intelligence for adding value to the environment is related to an entity's ethics for survial (at the low end) versus adding value to the greater good (for the environment) is described in ethics levels here:

  • Ethics of survival
  • Ethics of the earned value
  • Ethics of added value
  • Ethics of foundations
  • Conceptual ethics

Learn more about Evolutionary Intelligence including an entity's ethical intelligence, emotional intelligence, conceptual intelligence and ability to adapt on my blog: